J&F International Party
J&F Plaza is offering everyone a great opportunity to meet people from around the world. We are managing the greatest guesthouses in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Osaka. We also help foreigners find suitable accommodations such as monthly apartments, backpackers stays, and real-estate agencies. Staying at our guesthouses can be one of the most rewarding experiences you�fll ever have!

J&F International Party

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J&F Internatonal PartyJ&F Internatonal Party
�yAbout J&F International Party�z
J&F Plaza regularly holds international parties. We always have a great time with all participants at each party. If you are interested, please come and have a great time with us! We had our J&F International Halloween Party on Oct 25nd in 2013. We have participants from different countries!! We are going to have another party nest year 2014!!. It�fs going to be a great experience! Please come and join us! In addition, J&F House has similar parties on several other occasions as well. Our tenants are very outgoing and friendly. If you would like to make international friends, we highly recommend joining us for a good time!

�y2018/11/16(Fri)Japan&Taiawan with Int`l Party in Aoyama�z
J&T is going to have Japan & Taiwan l Party on the 16th of NOV 2018!! If you are interested in this party, please come join us!!There are many Japanese and various of people from different countries!! So, it makes possible for you to make many friends at our party!! The detail is below! Check it out now!

*Reception for the party starts from 18:30
*Order starts(food and drinks) from 19:00
*Last order:20:45
*One glass for one guest

Tokyo Minato-ku Minami-Aoyama 6-2-9 NYK BLDG Bldg.B1,B2 *Station: Omotesando station 6-7 minutes walk


*Drink: All you can drink & food will be served!!

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�y2012/10/26(Fri)J&F Halloween Party Photo Gallery�z
2012/10/26(Fri)J&F Halloween Party Photo Gallery

�yForeigner`s Volunteer Wanted�z
If you would like to help out with our awesome International Party as a volunteer, we would really appreciate it! In addition, if you are a DJ and would like to perform at our party, please contact us. If you do, you can join the party for free!!
�yPhoto Gallery�z
J&F Christmas Party (2010/12/17)
J&F International HalloweenParty (2010/10/22)
J&F International Party (2010/4/16)
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�yJ&F Guesthouse Osaka Daily Life!!�z
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��2012/10/26(Fri)J&F Halloween Party Success!!��

J&F had "J&F Halloween Party"collaborated with Japan & Taiwan Party and Japan and Kore Paery on the 26th of Oct!! It was a great success and there were 184 people!!
we all had a great time and made many friends!! Also, Halloween costume competition took place at the party. We appreciated all for joining our event!!
We will have "J&F Halloween Party"in 2013 for sure!! We will look forward to seeing you next year!!
Here is the photo gallery!! Please take a look at them!!
2012/10/26�i���jJ&T with Int`l Halloween Party Photo Gallery

J&F International Party
J&F Christmas Party

J&F World Friends
J&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International PartyJ&F International Party


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If you would like to enjoy your stay in Japan, staying here may be the best place for you! There are Japanese tenants so you can brush up your Japanese skills and make many friends. Needless to say, people from around the world come and stay here so you can broaden your International Network and have a once in a lifetime experience!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below.

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J&F House Shinjuku
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International Party

International Party in Osaka

International Party in Tokyo(2008/07/17)
Japanese and Korean Party in Tokyo(2009/06/05)
Halloween Party in Nishi-Kawaguchi(2008/10/25)

Halloween Party in

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