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J&F house Shinjuku

The most popular house out of all J&F Houses!
About 10-min from JR Shinjuku Sta. on foot!

Room Overview
Available Rooms
Room Types Contract type Rent / Month Utilities / Mo Entrance Fee
2F A (toilet & sink) Private 67,000 yen 13,000 yen 30,000 yen
2F B (toilet only) Private 65,000 yen 13,000 yen 30,000 yen
3F (no toilet or sink) Private 62,000 yen 13,000 yen 30,000 yen
*When you inquire us in regards to our property, please write your phone number on your email. Because our reply would sometimes go into your junk mail boxes.Also, if you do not receive our reply, we are afraid that we would like you to contact us again. Please note that our office is closed on Sundays, national holidays, obon and year-end and new year holidays

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆【10,000yen/Month  discount Campaign】☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

10,000yen discount Campaign has been launched!!

You will get 10,000yen discount of your room rent for 6 months!!
※From the 7th month, you will have to pay the regular rent.
  Do not miss it and feel free to ask us!!

【Initial Cost】
〇Entrance fee 30,000yen(not refundable)
〇First month rent (including utilities)

* You must use our specified guarantor company to make the contract.
* Your visitors are not allowed to stay with you overnight in J&F House
* The minimum length of stay is 1 month
*If it is not possible to reach us by telephone, please contact us via e-mail at info@jafplaza.com
*With regards to room viewings, please contact our staff directly to arrange an appointment.
*We generally accept room reservations with a minimum of two weeks notice. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.
Room Direction North
Room Amenities air conditioner, private toilet room, bathroom, closet, wooden flooring, western style room

refrigerator, light fixture, curtains, coffee table
Property Overview
Building Location Shinjuku-san-chome
Structure / Scale Steel structure / 3 Storey
Date Completed Built around41
Content shared facilities
Content sharing equipment
Train Line Station Distance
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Shinjuku 3-chome Route Walking 3 Min
Toei Shinjuku Line Shinjuku 3-chome Route Walking 3 Min
JR Yamanote Line shinjuku Route Walking 12 Min
Area Map
Residency Requirements
Japanese Driver's license or certificate of residence, emergency contact person (must be parent), deposit, at least 1 month's rent
Foreigner Passport, valid visa (for tourists, copy of "Landing Permissions" which displays valid permit date of at least 1 month from the date of moving in), emergency contact person, deposit, at least 1 month's rent
Other You don't need a guarantor, deposit, or commission fee!
Payment In cash or by bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards.
Contact:J&F Plaza
TEL: 03-6455-0360
FAX: 03-6455-0361
E-MAIL: info@jafplaza.com
Guest and Related Information
J&F House Shinjuku is located in the center of Tokyo near JR Shinjuku Station and Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-san-chome Station. This house has 10 rooms all together. The cultural exchange between tenants from all over the world living together is very exciting! As of July 2020, there are tenants from America and italy. It's easy to reach your destination, no matter where it is with great access to many train stations (a 3 minute walk to the Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line, and Fukutoshin Line at Shinjuku-san-chome Station and a 10 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station. If you're heading to Shibuya, you can take the Fukutoshin Line and arrive in about 7 minutes.

Inside the house, there is a very family-like atmosphere with 7 people living together including the house manager. The shared living area serves as a place for people to mingle and get to know each other better. It's common to see tenants cooking and going to out together as well! Sometimes we hold exchange events with tenants from other J&F Houses as well, so it's a great way to communicate and meet lots of new people. On the roof area, there are tables and chairs as well as a place to hang laundry so you can relax and enjoy your free time.

There is a large department store, supermarket, convenience store, restaurants, 100yen shop, electronics stores, and the post office is only 30 seconds from the house which is really convenient. Each room has an air conditioner, small refrigerator, free internet connection, and digital TV connection so you can make a quick transition into your new life. The kitchen, shower rooms, toilets, living room, dual language TV, PC, and rooftop area are all shared facilities. The entrance is locked with a card key and the house manager is always stationed so there is no need to worry about safety problems.

We are also accepting applications from those overseas who would like to live in J&F House Shinjuku. We can assist you in English at the house, or if you contact our head office, we can also assist you in Korean and Chinese. Everyone works together to keep the inside of the house clean. If you are interested and in the area, definitely contact us about coming and checking out J&F House Shinjuku! (* Please take into consideration since the house is located in a business district, there may be times when the area around the house is noisy.)
Area Information • Hang Out Spot - #Suehiro Tei

Comedy shows performed at Suehiro Tei are especially enjoyable for those studying Japanese.

• Hang Out Spot - #Tipness Fitness Club

It's just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station's Nishi-Guchi Exit and open until 11:15pm during weekdays. You can easily come here to release some stress or relax after work because it is so close to the station. There is a spacious gym, brightly lit pool area, and more than 300 programs and facilities to choose from!

• Hang Out Spot - #Zuien Bekkan (Chinese restaurant)

A 3-min walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Sta. A popular Chinese restaurant serving original Beijing cuisine. Tasty, hearty dishes at an affordable price.

• Restaurant - #Shinjuku Gyoen

A 5-minute walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Sta. The garden was re-designated as a national garden after World War II and opened to the public. 58.3 hectares (144 acres) in size and with a circumference of 3.5 km, it blends three distinct styles; French Formal, English Landscape and Japanese Traditional. It is considered to be one of the most important gardens from the Meiji era.

• Sightseeing Spot - #Tsukiji Sushiko (sushi restaurant)

A 5-min walk from Shinjuku-san-chome Sta. Without going to the Tsukiji fish market, you can enjoy a fresh and seasonal sushi dinner after work, shopping, or you can even treat your friends.

Manager Information
Name T.H.
Nickname Jaf Taro
House Atmosphere There are 7 of us living together and it's very homey! There are so many places to go around here and we go out together very often. This house is the real place for international exchange!
Favorite Music Rock, R&B, Punk, J-Pop, Hip-Hop....I listen to it all!
Hobby Drinking
Since J&F House Shinjuku is so popular, it's hard to find a time when we have an available room, but if you catch us at the right time, you might get lucky! I think it's an amazing experience to be able to live together with people from all over the world in the center of a huge city like Tokyo.
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