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Frequently Asked Questions
Reservations and Contracts
  1. What is the difference between a J&F House and a J&F Apartment?
    J&F House is a place to provide people with a unique opportunity to share language and exchange cultures with other residents.
  2. Vacancy information
    Check our "vacancies" web page here.
  3. Can I have a look at a room before renting?
    As long as the room you are interested in is currently vacant, certainly!

    *Contact us at one of the phone numbers below info@jafplaza.com
    *J&F House Shinjuku Nishi-Kawaguchi Minami- Gyotoku+81-3-5366-6356
    *J&F House Warabi +81-48-299-6065 warabi@jafnet.co.jp
    *J&F House Osaka +81-6-4256-6704 osaka1@jafnet.co.jp
  4. When is the best time to move into a J&F House?
    Unfortunately it is impossible for us to guess when rooms will become available,
    but current residents are required to give either one week or two weeks (J&F House Shinjuku) notice before moving out.

    Our vacancy info is updated immediately after receiving a move-out notice,
    so please contact us regularly.
  5. Do you accept Credit card payments?
    Unfortunately, at this time we can't accept payment by credit card.
    Customers paying from overseas are required to pay their deposit by bank transfer.
    Typically banks charge around 5,000yen per transfer. However, since this fee depends on which bank you use, we ask that you to transfer 10,000yen to cover the transfer fee, after which we will refund the surplus amountwhen you come to our office.
  6. What is required for moving in?
    All guest are required to bring the following when moving into a J&F House:
    1. Passport and Visa
    2. Deposit money
    3. If you plan to stay more than 90 days, we also require that you bring your FOREIGNERS REGISTRATION CARD (Gaijin card), if you stay in Japan for more than 3 months
  7. Can I stay for only 2 or 3 days?
    The minimum stay at a J&F House is 1 month.
    Day rates can be accepted only after having stayed the required minimum length of stay.
  8. How can I extend my stay?
    To extend your stay, please contact our office staff or the building manager for your guesthouse.
    Extensions can be accepted up to 2 weeks/1week (J&F House Shinjuku) before the end of your contract.
    If a request for an extension is not recieved by this date, you will have to move out on the day your contract expires.
    All extensions require the tenant to sign a new contract.
  9. How big are the rooms? How many people can each room accommodate? Can I smoke in my room? May I have pets?
    *One person rooms Only
      Shinjuku (4.5 tatami-mats)
    *two person rooms
      Nishi-Kawaguchi (6.5 tatami-mats)
      Warabi/ Osaka (6 tatami-mats)
    *domitory rooms
      Warabi/ Osaka (6 tatami-mats)

    All rooms have a bed, futon, AC, small fridge, closet, free internet connection, desk and chair
    However, each J&F House is unique.
    Please don't hesitate to contact us for details!
    All rooms are non-smoking, please smoke in the designated area.
    You are not allowed to keep any pets.
  10. How much do I need to pay before moving in?
    20,000yen (Osaka/Warabi)
    30,000yen (Nishi-Kawaguchi/ Shinjuku/ Minami- Gyotoku)
    (deposit: 20,000yen and the maintenance fee: 10,000)
    Rent& 1 month
    Rent must be paid within 1 week after your deposit is paid,
    or your reservation will be canceled and your reservation fee will not be refunded.
  11. When do I pay the montly rent?
    You will need to pay the first month's rent upon moving in/reserving your room.
    Your second payment will be due three weeks after you move in, and monthly after that.

    For example, if you move in on the 14th of March, your first payment will be made that day, along with your deposit.
    Your second payment will be due on the 7th of April, and then on the 7th of every month afterwards for the duration of your contract.
  12. Are utilities included in the rent?
    Yes, utilities (electricity, gas, and water) and the internet fee are included in the rent.
  13. Is the deposit refundable?
    Yes. If you live in a J&F House, your deposit is fully refundable.

    If you are in violation of any of the following articles,
    some amount will be deducted from your deposit.
    clean your room before moving out
    (vacuum-clean the floor, remove stains and wash the bed-linen and blanket)
    Clear out all of your belongings when you vacate the room.
    Check to make sure the room and its equipment are not damaged.
  14. How do you refund the deposit? In cash or by bank-transfer?
    Deposits are refunded after a room check is completed by a J&F staff member.
    If your room is clean and nothing is damaged, you can exchange your
    room key and deposit receipt for the amount you deposited, in cash.
    Please note that if you lose your deposit receipt we will be unable to return your deposit! So please don't forget!
  15. If I cancel my reservation, can I get my deposit back?
    If you cancel your reservation, your deposit will not be refunded, so please be careful to plan appropriately.
    If you pay both the first month's rent and the deposit, but cancel your lease before moving in,
    your deposit will be refunded but not your rent. This is in accordance with the rules of the lease contract.
  1. If I have a friend visit, can he/she stay overnight?
    Sorry, overnight visitors are not allowed at J&F guesthouses!
    Only the person whose name is on the lease may stay.
    Visitors are asked to leave before 12:00 midnight.
  2. Do J&F Houses have curfews?
    There is no curfew for residents of J&F guesthouses.
  3. Can I bring my children to stay at a J&F House?
    Sorry, but we cannot allow tenants with young children to stay in our guesthouses.
    Please ask our staff in advance if your child is over the age of a high school student.
  4. Does every room have an internet connection?
    The Internet service is available for FREE in every room (in other words, you are not being charged for it in your monthly rent).
    Therefore, please bear in mind that we cannot be expected to respond to all of your complaints or suggestions regarding the Internet service.
  5. Is there a telephone installed in each room?
    Sorry, but we don't provide telephone service in our guesthouses.
    (Please note that this is standard in most Japanese apartments)
    If you would like to add a telephone line in your room, please apply directly to a Japanese telephone provider. (e.g. NTT Docomo)
  6. What furnishings/equipment do you have in each room?
    Shinjuku:Air Conditioner, Internet line Desk, Chair,Bed,TV,Fridge
    Nishi-Kawaguchi: Desk, ChairBed, Air Conditioner, Internet line,TV,Fridge
    Warabi: Internet line, Desk, Chair, Bed , Futon set, Air Conditioner
    Osaka: Internet line, Desk, Chair , Bed , Futon set, Air Conditioner
  7. Can I move into the room of my choice right away?
    J&F House Warabi and Osaka are very large guesthouses and usually have vacancies available year-round.

    If you want to move to a guesthouse in central Tokyo, please note that vacancies are more limited.
    Please contact us by phone to check availability, or check our VACANCIES web page on this site, which is updated regularly.
  8. What is the ratio of Japanese to foreign residents?
    It varies from house to house, but generally there is a fairly even mix of Japanese and foreign tenants.
  9. Do tenants regulary hold parties and social gatherings at J&F guesthouses?
    The frequency and size of social gatherings varies from house to house.
    If you are interested in a particularly social or a particularly quiet house, let us know what you are looking for.
    You can also contact the building manager of the guesthouse you are interested in, and they will be happy to
    tell you about the social atmosphere of the place.
What is "J&F House (Shared House)"?
J&F House (Shared House) make staying in Tokyo, Japan easy and affordable!
Staying at "J&F House (Shared House)" is a fun and affordable way to live in Japan. On average, it is 75-80% cheaper than staying at a hotel and popular with tourists, students, and backpackers. Our guest houses offer tenants the unique opportunity to experience Japan while sharing cultures and cultivating new friendships with people all over the world!

住人のみなさん 個室
リビング キッチン
シャワールーム 館内

Features of J&F House (Shared House)
Clean, comfortable rooms furnished with air conditioners, futon sets, a refrigerator, and a desk where you can study or read.

There are also community rooms where residents can socialize, watch TV or just relax. Also, free Internet connection in your own room (please bring your own PC and LAN cable). No key money, agent fee or guarantor required! Monthly rent starts at 25,000 yen including utilities! All that's required is a 20,000 yen deposit (which is refundable). Our houses are conveniently located near train stations and shopping areas! You can interact with people from all over the world!

Click here to check guesthouse availability!
J&F Plaza established the first "J&F House (Shared House)" in Jujo-Kita-ku in Oct. 1999. Since then, J&F has expanded to include 5 additional guesthouses. Our guesthouses provide the unique opportunity to share language and culture with other residents, not to mention the comfort of your own private room! We look forward to helping you find the perfect guesthouse!