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Kansai 2 (Hyogo)

The first large-scale guesthouse in Kobe area! Good access to Osaka!Equipped with theater room!

Room Overview
Available Rooms
Room Types Contract type Rent / Month Utilities / Mo Entrance Fee
Type A Private 35,000 yen 12,000 yen 30,000 yen
Type B Private 34,000 yen 12,000 yen 30,000 yen
Type C Private 33,000 yen 12,000 yen 30,000 yen
Type D Private 30,000 yen 12,000 yen 30,000 yen
Type E Private 32,000 yen 12,000 yen 30,000 yen
Type Dorm Dorm (per person) 25,000 yen 6,000 yen 30,000 yen
*When you inquire us in regards to our property, please write your phone number on your email. Because our reply would sometimes go into your junk mail boxes.Also, if you do not receive our reply, we are afraid that we would like you to contact us again. Please note that our office is closed on Sundays, national holidays, obon and year-end and new year holidays

【Initial Cost】
〇Entrance fee 30,000yen(not refundable)
〇First month rent (including utilities)

【J&F House Kansai.2 Rent Discount Special Campaign !!】*Please contact us for more details.

The above rent is valid for one year from the date of moving in.
After the period, the prices would be the regular prices as below

        Rent / Month (+Utilities /Month)
Type A Private : 43,000 yen(+12,000 yen)
Type B Private : 42,000 yen(+12,000 yen)
Type C Private : 41,000 yen(+12,000 yen)
Type D Private : 38,000 yen(+12,000 yen)
Type E Private : 40,000 yen(+12,000 yen)
Type Dorm (per person) : 30,000 yen(+6,000 yen )


* You must use our specified guarantor company to make the contract.

* Visitors are not allowed to stay with you overnight in J&F apartment
* The minimum length of stay is 1 month
* No blanket or comforter provided
*If it is not possible to reach us by telephone, please contact us via e-mail at warabi@jafnet.co.jp
*With regards to room viewings, please contact the house manager directly to arrange an appointment.
*We generally accept room reservations with a minimum of two weeks notice. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.
Room Direction North
Room Amenities air conditioner, free internet access

desk set
Property Overview
Building Location
Structure / Scale Steel frame concrete structure / 6 Storey
Date Completed 1972 - 10  
Content shared facilities hot water supply system, city gas, auto-locking door system, CS antenna, Laundromat, resident administrator, shared living area, shared kitchen, shower rooms, air conditioner, clothes dryer, shared toilet room, bathroom, changing area, wash stand, IH cooking stove, wooden flooring, shoe box, free internet access, no commission fee
Content sharing equipment basic furnishings, refrigerator, microwave, vacuum cleaner, TV, light fixture, curtains, tableware, misc. furnishings, more than 3 burner stove, table set, sofa, PC desk and chair, coffee table, DVD player (NTSC)
Train Line Station Distance
Hankyū Kōbe Main Line Mukonosou Route Walking 13 Min
Area Map
Residency Requirements
Japanese Driver's license or certificate of residence, emergency contact person (must be parent), deposit, at least 1 month's rent
Foreigner Passport, valid visa (for tourists, a copy of "Landing Permissions" which displays valid permit date of at least 1 month from the date of moving in), emergency contact person, deposit, at least 1 month's rent
Other You don't need a guarantor, deposit, or commission fee!
Payment In cash or by bank transfer. We do not accept credit cards.
Contact:J&F Plaza
TEL: 06-6430-9935
FAX: 06-6430-9935
E-MAIL: kansai2@jafplaza.com
Guest and Related Information
J&F House Kansai 2 is located on the Hankyu Kobe Line's Mukonoso Station and is the largest shared house in the Kobe area with 80 rooms! It is a brand new house just opened in February 2011. Tenants are from Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, India, Canada, America, and Germany (as of May 2011). It only takes 15 minutes to get to Umeda, Osaka, and about 20 minutes to Sannomiya by train. It also only takes about 15 minutes by foot to reach the JR Kobe Line's Tachibana station. There is a convenience store right next to the house as well as a large supermarket and lively shopping district (TSUTAYA, McDonald's, KFC, Hankyu Oasis, Omaru Peacock, etc.) near the station. The area around the house is very quiet and there is a park inbetween the house and station where you can relax. We even have a theatre room inside the house! There is also a large living room where you can relax and chat up other tenants. Each room comes with an air conditioner, small refrigerator, free internet connection, and digital TV service (must provide your own TV) so you can make a quick transition into your new lifestyle. The entrance is protected by an auto-locking door to ensure the safety of tenants. You can make a reservation for the house even if you are outside of Japan. We can assist you at the house in English or if you call our head office, we can also assist you in Chinese and Korean. We can't wait for you to join us at J&F House Kansai 2!
Area Information • Hang Out Spot - #Tipness (Fitness Gym)

1-minute walk from the south exit of Mukonosou Station on Hankyu Kobe Main Line. It is open until 11pm during weekdays. You can go there easily on the way back from work and school. Big gym, pool, more than 100 programs during the week. Lot's of fun things to do!

• Sightseeing Spot - #Hanshin-Koshien Stadium

Japan's first large scale, multi-purpose baseball field. This stadium is known for being able to hold the largest amount of people in Japan.

• Hang Out Spot - #Universal Studios Japan

Originating in America, Universal Studios is considered one of the world's most prominent entertainment theme parks. Enjoy Universal Studios with added Japanese flavor at Universal Studios Japan!

Manager Information
Name K.K.
Nickname Kenji
House Atmosphere Since this guesthouse has been renovated, it is far more beautiful than any other guesthouse you may have in mind. The rooms are big. There are toilet and bathrooms in 3 of our private rooms. We have computers, a PlayStation 3, and film projector in the common space on the 1st floor!
Favorite Music Older music
Hobby Cleaning
If you are not sure whether you will like the place or not, you can just live with us for a month. That is totally fine with us. Then, if you like it, you can stay longer. I want you to feel like you are living at home here. Mukonosou is very nice and calm place that is located about 15 mins on Hankyu Line from Umeda station. There is a convenient store right next to the guesthouse. There is a gym, library, post office and supermarket for your everyday needs. We have good security here too. There are 2 automatic locking systems at the main entrance of the guesthouse and each area. There is also a regular key lock in each room. The house manager stays on the first floor. We have 7 coin operated laundry machines and you can use them anytime you want. Once you get off the elevator, you will see just how large your room is, so even if you have a lot of stuff, you will have lots of space to live comfortably. Of course, we welcome people here for short terms such as business trips, study abroad, and job hunting. If you are interested, please come see the guesthouse and decide if it's the right place for you. If you are busy, I can show you the guesthouse in the early morning or at night time as well.
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