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J&F Plaza hopes to provide information for those already in Japan looking for Japanese language insitutions to study at, as well as those considering coming to Japan. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is crutial in entering a university, vocational school, and seeking employment in Japan. We would like to present everyone with the best environment to study Japanese.
■About J&F Plaza■
J&F Plaza is a real-estate company aimed at helping foreigners find residence in Japan. We run guesthouses in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Osaka. English, French, Korean and Chinese assistance are available. We are more than happy to assist you in finding a place to stay and a place to study Japanese. Here is some info about standard apartments. J&F Plaza holds several International Exchange Parties---J&F International Party, Japan & Korea Party and Japan & Taiwan Party throughout the year. If you would like to have the opportunity to make friends and communicate with Japanese people, it could be a great experience for you. We also provide job information for foreigners seeking work in Japan.
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School:Tokyo Japanese Language & Culture College
東京日本語文化学校 Course:Japanese Regular Course 2 years, 1 1/2 years, 1 year, 3 month
      short-term, Core Language Course (Language Studio) 3 month course
Course Length: Depending on length of stay, over 800 hours
Visa Type: Student Visa - 1 Year
Nationality Ratio: Korean 70%, Taiwanese 21%, Chinese 5%, Thai 1%,
Vietnamese 1%, Myanmarian 1%, Uzbekistanian 1%
Location: Higashi-Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3-minute walk from JR Sobu Line's Higashi-Nakano Station /
3-minute walk from Toei Subway Oedo Line, Higashi-Nakano Station A2 Exit
Environment: Located in the quiet neighborhood of Higashi-Nakano.
A convenient 5-minute walk to the center of Shinjuku.
Number of Students 232
Number of Instructors: 30

Introduction through J&F Plaza

School Info: ・The main school fo the Corporate School Travel Journal Academy.
・Education aimed at improving communication skills.
・ A curriculum designed to raise reading, writing, speaking, and listening technical skills.
・ An exchange program aimed at introducing students to Japanese people and culture.

Semester: 1 Year - 4 Semesters 
Days of Attendance; 1 semester 50 days(semester final exam、student consultation included)
Hours of Study;1 Day - 4 Periods (1 Period = 45 Minutes)
<Teaching Materials >
Beginner Level:[にほんご1・2・3] (nihongo 1.2.3)
Beginner-Intermediate:[中級へ行こう] (chuukyuu e ikou)
Intermediate Level: [中級日本語] [日本語中級J501] (chuukyuu nihongo/ nihongo chuukyuu J501)
Advanced Level: [日本語上級読解] [上級で学ぶ日本語] (nihongo jyoukyuu dokkai/ jyoukyuu de manabu nihongo), etc. 
Kanji: School's Original Handbook

Fees:  1-Year Course: Selection Fee 20,000Yen + Entrance Fee 50,000Yen + Tuition 660,000Yen + Textbooks (Depending on level/per semester) 1,500Yen〜3,000Yen)
First-Half 6 Months: Tuition 330,000Yen + Textbooks (Depending on level/per semester) 1,500Yen〜3,000Yen)
Last-Half 6 Months: Tuition 330,000Yen + Textbooks (Depending on level/per semester) 1,500Yen〜3,000Yen)
Short-Term 3 Months: Entrance Fee 30,000Yen + Tuition 165,000Yen + Textbooks (Depending on level/per semester) 1,500yen〜3,000yen)
Special Course: Course Name: Tounichibun LS (Language Studio) Course
1-Year Course: Entrance Fee 20,000Yen + Tuition 99,000Yen + Textbooks approx. 2,000Yen
Features:Core conversation course for those with Working Holiday Visa / Short-term Visa / or Family stay Visas
1 Semester 40 Days (Guaranteed 40 Days)
1:30pm〜4:05pm Monday〜Friday 1 Day 3 Coma (45 minutes × 3 Coma)
School Features: 

(1)Those above Intermediate Level choose coursework (Test vs. Class Work、Japanese Culture・Japanese Affairs、Japanese Skill Improvement, etc.)

(2)Kanji classes are separate (Kanji classes are separated from regular classes by level. The best choice for students with variances in grammar, speaking skills, and kanji skills.)

(3)Course that invited Japanese guests to help with practice (Cooking、quizzes、presentations, etc.)

(4)Culture exchange with locals(Culture exchange class with elementary/ junior high school、participation in festivals, bazaars, etc.)

(5)Class reunion for school alumni (Homecoming Day) is held every year(Reunions have also been held in Seoul and Taiwan.)

Usable Facilities/ Activities:

(Facilities on Campus)
・Computer Area - 11 Computers / Break Room / Study Room / Book Rental
・Sports Festival / Speech Convention / Picnic / End of the Year Party / Recitation Convention

Scholarships :

Tokyo Japanese Cultural School Scholarship Organization Each year 30 people; 1 person can receive up to 120,000yen
09 Award Amount - 33 people ※To address the needs of private expenses for foreign students the 09 Award Amount was for 6 people (1 person 576,000yen)

Other Info :

・Teaching Materials: Kanji textbook is our own original materials

・Class Work Selection:Each class is very diverse

・EJU Exam Subject Support: Description、coordination of topics are supported in class

・International Exchange:Class with cultural exchange from Japanese locals and guests from local elementary and junior high schools

・Cultural Experience:Cultural Exchange with locals、A countless number of experiences from home visits to carrying an Omikoshi in a festival.

Contact Info : Application Form
サム教育学院 Date Established:1986
Nationality Ratio: Chinese 40%, Korean 30%, Other 30%(Russian, Nepali, Vietnamese, Thai, etc.)
Location: Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: 2-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station
Environment: The center of Shinjuku、a convenient, multinational area.
Number of Students: 340
Number of Instructors: 33

Introduction through J&F Plaza

Course Details:
Short-Term Course: 1 month〜3 months
Long-Term Course: April Course (2 years)
        July Course (1 year, 9 months)
        October Course (1 year, 6 months)
        January Course (1 year, 3 months)

Course Content: Skill level will be determined by placement test when you enter the school.
  Entrance Date (2010)=April Course: April 5th
               July Course: July 1st                October Course: October 4th
               January Course: January 5th
School Features:
1. High-grade education sufficient to acquire Japanese skills
2.One-on-one instruction from the staff developing strong skills
3.Development of the skills to quickly adapt to Japanese society

Sam Language School has instituted an exchange program linked with it's sister school "Bridge Academy"with Japanese students studying foreign language. In order to put the Japanese students have learned into practical use, events such as travel, cultural exchange, get-togethers, and many other such events have been planned to broaden communication with Japanese people.
Usable Facilities/ Activities: Camping, Sports Assembly, Song Fair, 2-day Onsen Trip, 1-day Bus Trip, etc.
Once a year, students that have graduated from the main school in Tokyo and alumni from students in two locations in Seoul, Korea get together for a cultural exchange event.
Scholarships: Those with enthuisiastic attitudes and outstanding attendance and grades will be given first consideration. Of course, scholarships from outside associations are also accepted as a form of payment.
Other Info :
Reception service
Can co-sign with an external member
Contact Info : Application Form
School:ISI Language School

Date Established:April 1984
Nationality Ratio:American(1person)、English(5 people)、Denmark(1 person)、German(11 people)、French(34 people)、Polish(2 people)、Itallian(6 people)、Iraqi(1 person)、Indian(1 person)、Japanese(2 people)、Nepali(6 people), Belgian(3 people)、Malaysian(3 people)、Holland(3 people)、Ghana(1 person)、Canadian(1 person)、Hungarian(1 person)、Finland(2 people)、Brazilian(2 people)、Myanmarian(2 people)、Hong Kong(1 person)、Korean(198 people)、Swiss(2 people)、Swedish(48 people)、Spanish(23 people)、Taiwanese(19 people)、Chinese(17 people)、Mexican(2 people)、Thai(1 person)、Indonesian(1 person)

Location: Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3-minute walk from JR Yamanote ・Seibu-Shinjuku Line Takadanobaba Station

In the center of Tokyo just two stops from Shinjuku Station. There are many restaurants, shopping areas, and many places to enjoy oneself, it's also an easy place to find part-time work.

Number of Students: 460
Number of Instructors: 33

Introduced through J&F Plaza

Course Details:

■Basic Japanese Course: Long-Term ・ Short-Term
■Summer Special Short-Term Course
■Private Course

School Characteristics:

■The Japanese Long-Term Course is held 4 times a year (January, April, July, and September)The Japanese Short-Term Course and Private Course is available to attend every month.

■In 2009, students from over 27 different countries enrolled in our school, and students had a chance to meet with many people from all over the world.

■Preparation classes for the Japanese Study-Abroad Test and Japanese Language Proficiency Test are available for selection.

■Students may use the computers in the library room at no extra cost (5 computers total).

■In the executive office, there is support for those that speak Korean, Chinese, and English.

■Starting in 2010、classes to prepare for the Japanese Study-Abroad Test with emphasis outside of Japanese were established.

■The school dorm is only a 15-minute walk from the school.

■The rate of those that attend our school with hopes of transferring to university is 100%. Every student that attends our school moves on to attend university.

■Attending our recommended affiliated schools, Kokushikan University and Taiyou University is very advantageous. The passing rate of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is, 35% for Level 1, 63% for level 2, and 90% for level 3 (As of December 2009).

■Scholarships from The Organization to Promote the Study of Japanese Language (Funds to encourage students to attend Japanese educational institutions) were received by 5 students (as of 2009). One can receive 48,000yen a month for one year in scholarship funds.
Contact Info : Application Form
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J&F House is an“International Community House”. You can enjoy the experience of living with various people from all around the world. Stay at J&F House to have a great international experience!
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