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Room Overview
Available Rooms
Room number Monthly Rent Maintenance fees, etc. Deposit / Key money Brokerage Fee Detail
1202 99,000円 9,500 yen 0 / 0 1 Month(s) Rent Brokerage service
(Other Payments)
Linen and Cleaning Fee Contract 37,800円
Fire insurance15,400円

Between (Living Space) 1K ( 21.000m2 )
Equipment hot water supply system, city gas, monitor interphone, auto-locking door system, CATV, BS antenna, elevator, delivery box, bicycle parking, air conditioner, system kitchen, wooden flooring, balcony, internet setup possible, western style room, 2 person occupancy OK

basic furnishings, bedding, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, vacuum cleaner, TV, light fixture, tableware, linens, misc. furnishings, twin-burner stove, table set
Property Overview
Building Location 5-5-6,Mita
Structure / Scale Steel frame concrete structure / 12 Storey
Date Completed 2002  
Train Line Station Distance
Toei Mita Line Mita Route Walking 8 Min
Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line hakkin takanawa Route Walking 9 Min
Area Map
Residency Requirements
Japanese Personal Identification (drivers license, etc.), inkan, one month's rent, commission fee, guarantor company fee, key changing fee, fire insurance, and 24-hour emergency service fee
Foreigner Passport, alien registration card, one month's rent, commission, guarantee company fee, key changing fee, fire insurance & 24-hour emergency service fee
Other You don't need a guarantor!
Payment In cash or by bank transfer
Contact:J&F Plaza
TEL: 050-3659-6124
FAX: 03-6455-0361
E-MAIL: info@jafplaza.com